Those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you think of your favorite brand or company weren’t created by accident. A masterful PR Consultant (or team of PR Consultants) was most certainly behind that company’s glowing image. A Public Relations (PR) Consultant assists businesses and public figures shape and polish their public image and reputation. They keep the public informed of their client’s business in a way that builds and maintains goodwill and favorable views toward the company overall.


The PR (Public Relations) Consultant is responsible for all PR activities, which may differ depending on the industry. Some of these responsibilities include building relationships within a particular industry, drafting pitches and press releases, securing appropriate approvals, and tracking press hits.

Key elements of a PR Consultant’s role may also include:

  • Conceptualizing, researching, and executing creative consumer PR outreach strategies and campaigns resulting in frequent positive press attention for company
  • Establishing PR cadence to elevate brand awareness, gaining credible authentic coverage that introduces new consumers to company
  • Developing and maintaining media relations and partners to ensure the distribution and delivery of approved PR assets
  • Establishing, and maintaining relationships with local and national platforms – participating in weekly outreach to new and existing industry relationships
  • Creating Public Relations strategies, developing and implementing creative traditional and non-traditional PR tactics that include content marketing, event activations, and on-brand partnerships with clear ROI, budgets, and timelines
  • Scheduling interviews and public appearances; planning tours, release parties and conferences


The most successful PR pros are responsive, friendly, helpful, and professional. They understand that so much of their success in their role comes from relationships and people skills. Along with being empathetic, PR Consultants are creative thinkers and problem solvers, who thrive in a fast-paced environment. Adept at conflict-resolution, they are skilled communicators and collaborators within teams, especially with marketing specialists across social media, advertising, and other channels to ensure strategies align to key priorities.

Some other skills that PR Consultants have:

  • Ability to independently run original content communications campaigns from start to finish – taking initiative, defining goals clearly, and remaining results-oriented in the face of obstacles
  • Oral and written communication—exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills; varies writing style to meet needs of project; speaks clearly and persuasively; possesses ability to engage others
  • Ability to collaborate within teams, and actively participates in meetings
  • Natural curiosity and desire to learn about complex topics with ability to simplify and cut through the clutter
  • Ability to connect the dots and ask the questions needed to guide recommendations and strategy


Along with being expertly skilled in suites such as Microsoft Office or Google, some of the PR software programs Consultants may use include:

  • Prowly
  • Meltwater
  • Prezly
  • Coverage Book
  • Cision
  • Anewstip
  • Agility PR Solutions
  • ResponseSource
  • Brandwatch
  • Covered Press
  • Business Wire
  • BlogDash
  • Augure by Launchmetrics


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