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If you’ve ever been to an educational conference, you probably know that the graphical content on PowerPoint presentations is often too wordy or poorly designed.

That’s where a Presentation Specialist (or Presentation Designer) comes in. A Presentation Specialist works with a business to design a presentation in PowerPoint or another program in order to highlight a particular product or service. They can also be used in academic settings for high-level conferences, but generally the Presentation Specialist can be found in businesses across industries spanning technology, media, finance, health care, and many more.

If your business is trying to make a memorable presentation that will impress an audience, it might be time to seek the assistance of a professional Presentation Specialist. First step is to secure a good Presentation Specialist Job Description.

Presentation Specialist Skills Needed

Presentation Specialists are, first and foremost, business communicators. They work with marketing teams and business owners to take text and make it memorable.Their graphic design skills focus on sharing an idea or a product concept with a crowd. They are creative geniuses with an eye for page layout that makes a slide accessible across a packed conference room.

The Presentation Specialist can design with PowerPoint in their sleep. They know all the latest Microsoft products but are early adopters of the latest software trends. Internet savvy but people friendly, they are as comfortable with a marketing team as they are with any digital device.

PowerPoint Presentation Specialists are great collaborators, working with your business to take a concept and turn it into a visual masterpiece. They are deadline driven, organized and understand how people view and understand content.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Beyond the Microsoft suite, a Presentation Designer job description should be keen to include Power Point/Keynote alternatives, such as:

  • Prezi
    Prezi is the Cadillac of motion animation, engaging an audience in a way that will blow them out of their seats.
  • Corel
    Similar to Power Point, with design templates that can serve as the foundation for presentations.
  • Haiku Deck
    Specifically for web-based, iPad or iPhone presentations.
  • SlideDog
    Allows you to combine elements from all presentation software into one slidedeck.
  • SlideRocket
    Another young upstart in a list of contenders for the Power Point throne.

The Presentation Specialist should also know graphic design programs like PhotoShop, Adobe Premier, Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver.

Fix Your Next Presentation: Hire a Presentation Specialist

We hope this Presentation Specialist Job Description was a helpful start. Artisan wants the next presentation or conference you give to be stellar. We’ll help you find the best when it comes to hiring presentation talent.

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Presentation Specialist job description

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