Job Description Product Manager

Product Managers, well, manage products. This means they investigate and research developing new products and organize their distribution to the public. The product can be intangible or tangible including anything you might see at a retail outlet, or technology including software and hardware. Find Below the “must haves” in a product manager job description:

There is wide variety in a Product Manager’s skills and duties. They might manage the product inventory, or organize marketing of the new product, or even run product testing to ensure its safety. Their job is to fully oversee the lifecycle of a particular product from launch to successful sale. Consider them the Kings and Queens — or CEOs of a particular product.

Product Manager Skills Needed

A Product Manager role requires strong leadership, as they lead a team of developers, engineers, and/or marketing executives to create the next successful product launch. Balancing the diverse needs of the group and a complicated timeline of tasks, a Product Manager requires finesse as well as stress management and organizational skills. Collaboration, teamwork and communication are key to the release of a new product. The Product Manager must also have better follow through than anyone else. In the case of a website or app, Product Managers must have a range of technological and analytical skills, balanced by their abilities to build stakeholder relationships.

There is a creative element to this work; the Product Manager must have a sense of what will sell in the marketplace, as well as a sense of consumer behaviors. Evaluating market trends and understanding the approach of competitors is a part of this role.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Product Managers must have a certain level of tech proficiency because they are often communicating with engineers and designers. It will require a working knowledge of a variety of software relevant to their particular industry. They should understand a little bit about a variety of things, including software from Microsoft office suite, project management programs. In addition, graphic design and other related programs, as they keep the workflow of a product launch on track. Many need to understand SCRUM/Agile and waterfall environments, and be able to analyze data via consumer research platforms. They should also potentially have expertise in UX design and SEO/SEM.

Attention, Product Managers

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