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The Production Artist works with creative teams to execute a creative design. They utilize software to create or tweak commercial art in industries ranging from movies to advertising, to software design. Find below a production artist job description.

The Production Artist is the final checkpoint in a creative design process. They review final copy, layouts and content in print or digital form. They ensure brand standards across color, font, production quality and more. Print and graphic production artists scale and crop, retouch, change layout and eliminate redundancy in copy. They put the finishing touches on the art that really matters in the business world, establishing and maintaining your brand.

Production Artist Skills Needed

No matter the medium, Production Artists are creative, computer savvy graphical experts. Whether it’s print production or digital design, these artists create a finished product that meets organizational branding goals.

They are meticulous and goal oriented with a keen eye for the smallest details. And they understand and are very skilled at content design. They can move a concept from a paper sketch to a graphics design, print ad or video. Production Artists are excellent communicators and inter-departmental collaborators. They are skilled listeners who are able to execute a concept.

Production Artists are under constant deadlines and must have the ability to manage tasks under stress. Knowledge of web development languages like JavaScript and HTML and expertise with digital interfaces whether it be an app or a website will be important.

The best Production Artists catch the typos that everyone else misses. They are concerned with resolutions, color and size accuracies, production values, and must know the difference between CMYK and RBG, spot color and process, a vector or a raster – and much more. Production Artists are skilled spot checkers, taste testers and quality assurers of graphics design.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The Production Artist needs to be absolutely expert in the tips and tools used in the graphic design world.

Some of the mandatory software skill sets needed include:

  • Adobe Acrobat for PDF manipulation
  • Adobe Illustrator for drawing
  • Adobe Indesign for page layout
  • Adobe Photoshop for image editing
  • Dreamweaver for design
  • Interwoven TeamSite for content management
  • Macromedia Flash for video editing
  • Microsoft Project for task management
  • Quark Xpress for page layout

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