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Project ManagersThe Project Manager defines the roles and expectations for a project goal, and then organizes a team of experts to accomplish the task. They are managers of both people and tasks, and serve at the helm of departments and organizations interested in maximizing efficiency and completing campaigns in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

The Project Manager is crucial to helping a company prioritize the volume of minute details that make up a new product launch. They are involved in project planning and setting realistic deadlines while assisting in the realities of budgeting. Project Managers also have a hand in testing and reporting. They act as project staffers, gathering teams from IT, marketing, distribution and sales to implement an overarching business goal.

Ultimately, a Project Manager is responsible for the success or failure of a business endeavor, no matter what the project may be.

List of Project Manager Skills Needed

Project Managers manage people, projects and time to their fullest efficiency. They are the gatekeepers that prevent distraction, while driving tasks. Exceptional organizational skills, methodical and detail-oriented, yet people-centric and diplomatic communicators are all character traits of the Project Manager. They know how to keep a department on track without creating frustration while harnessing and driving a team of collaborators.

Needless to say, project managers have brilliant interpersonal and communication skills. They understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of the members of your team, and can balance those in order to complete a project.

The Project Manager also manages to a task, and is expert at tracking and disseminating information across a project.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The Project Manager needs to be absolutely expert in the Microsoft suite of products. Excel may be particularly important. But reporting on time spent and profitability, expenses, client reporting and task and timelines for a particular project can all be managed with project manager software.

Some of the best project management software products on the market include:

There are hundreds of project management software packages available, and a good Project Manager will likely know their way around many of them.

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