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Most companies rely on the Internet for new business. This is true across industries, no matter what product or service they offer. Relying on web traffic for sales requires that your company emerge at the forefront of a Google or Bing search. The job of making your company stand out from the crowd is the number one duty of an SEO Specialist.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. A search engine is used to look for a keyword or find the answers to questions on the web. If your website isn’t consistently popping up on a search, this means you have some search engine optimization work to accomplish.

An SEO Specialist measures your website against business goals and finds ways to improve page views through SEO. Increasing SEO means more revenue and the SEO Specialist’s duty is to be fully engaged with driving web page traffic and converting visitors to customers.

SEO Specialist Skills Needed

The SEO Specialist has computer technical skills to make your website more search engine friendly, including:

  • The ability to write HTML title tags
  • To revising website structure
  • Off page optimization with link building
  • And general knowledge of the latest in search engine requirements

The SEO Specialist should understand the technical limitations of the various search engines and be able to communicate these with website developers to design your site. They are collaborative in their approach, working in teams to extend the reach of your website. SEO Specialists are great problem solvers and enjoy an analytical challenge. They love the digital world and are curious about the latest trends in social media, software and graphic design.

The SEO Specialist is a marketing role; they understand how content should be written in a way to share information concisely while subtly leading viewers to a sale. The SEO Specialist’s duty is to deeply understand marketing research and web analytics in relation to their target audience. How a website can capitalize on social media and viral marketing is also important.

Suggested Software Proficiency

There are many SEO tools on the market today. The SEO Specialist will need to know these along with having some skill in coding and graphic design. For example:

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