A Social Media Content Creator has their finger on the pulse of the latest social media and content creation techniques and technologies. They’re able to turn around content immediately, and as needed, and possess a deep understanding of the differences between content styles for each platform.

Social Media Content Creators are “out-of-the-box thinkers,” with expert knowledge of current trends and internet culture. Be a subject matter expert on social media trends and platform-native content creation, prioritizing video creation on TikTok and Instagram

Roles for a Social Media Content Creators may include:

  • Researching and compiling social trends, ideas, competitors’ best-in-class examples, and cutting-edge executions to inform and propose new content
  • Creating storyboards, shot lists, and pre-production materials for both site content and social-first content
  • Collaborating with the creative, social, and marketing teams to develop engaging content that resonates across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Capture and edit original video content and have a hand in all phases of video production from pre-to-post (filming, editing, color correction, sound design, etc.)
  • Define and create branded style templates for new and existing social content for IG stories, etc.
  • Become a brand personality with high energy and enthusiasm, fearlessly tackling creative projects not limited to: hosting guests on camera, connecting with strangers on the street, starring in wacky trends, walking through routines, etc.
  • Be the driver of “think outside the box” ideas, oftentimes thinking ahead of the curve, steering trend curation and thumb-stopping content audiences want to rewatch, share, and continuously tune in


It goes without saying that experience in social media is needed, but there are many other skills needed to be a successful Social Media Content Creator. They are:

  • Photography, videography, editing or creative content skills
  • A strong visual mindset and understanding of the wider landscape of beauty video
  • Strong communication skills and ability to take creative direction and bring it to life through video editing
  • Strong understanding of frame composition (lighting, angles, negative space, photo clarity/depth of frame)
  • Strong understanding of studio tools such as ring lights, tripods, props, backdrops, etc.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and ability to clearly articulate and document technical processes and issues
  • Exceptional time-management and multi-tasking abilities
  • Expertise in tools and processes for creative assets and content workflows



The ever-evolving social media universe requires a Social Media Content Creator to have expertise in tools and processes for creative assets and project workflows. Some other programs they may include Photoshop, InDesign, CaptureOne, Premier, Final Cut Pro, and CapCut.


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