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Social media allows the average Joe to comment or post publicly online and potentially go viral – reaching thousands of people instantaneously. For the Social Media Specialist, this is all in a day’s work. A social media manager’s duties are to understand the social media phenomenon and the power of platforms from YouTube to LinkedIn, Twitter to Facebook. The key word in the job title is “social” and these digital experts love becoming the digital voice of a brand.

The Social Media Specialist typically works with the marketing department to increase a company’s presence across internet-based media. They understand the importance of blogging and know how to extend the reach of a post so you get the most bang for your buck. Social media managers follow digital trends and are excellent at adding followers, tracking key industry bloggers and engaging others in online discussions to further your brand.

These experts can multitask to an extreme: they might be managing several social streams for individual clients simultaneously. This digital expert can leapfrog your message across the digital stream. Social media specialist jobs require understanding how fast word-of-mouth can spread on the internet and knowing how to capitalize on the immediacy of this communication.

Social Media Specialist Skills

When writing a Social Media Specialist job description, keep the following in mind: Social media specialists must be familiar with a variety of interactive marketing venues. You will find them glued to the ‘net, on their phone, laptop, and tablet. They should rank high in reading comprehension and writing, able to edit for simple spelling and grammar mistakes that can ruin credibility of an online post. Social media managers must be able to troll the net for information then craft it into snappy prose that fits within a variety of platform limitations.

Technology savvy, the Social Media Specialist understands search engine optimization (SEO) and will boost your digital post with specific keywords that will help you rank high on Google. Social media managers know how to build an audience, how to reach them, and how to track the results of a social media post.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The Social Media Specialist understands the social media universe. Other skills could include:


Social Media Specialist

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