Job Description UI Designer

The UI (User Interface) Designer takes technology and makes it cool, easy to use, and consumer friendly. The role requires an understanding of human behavior as the UI Designer works to determine how consumers will interact with technology in whatever form it takes: an app, a website, a car or even a television. You will find UI Designers in all kinds of industries that create the technology that consumers use every day.

The role is one part Graphic Designer and one part behaviorist. UI Designers figure out the steps consumers will use when accessing technology, then design models that shorten or streamline the steps in the process to create a better user experience.

User Interface (UI) Designer Skills Needed

First and foremost, the User Interface Designer understands technology. They know at least a bit about a number of computer programs in the areas of graphics design, information architecture and interaction design.

The UI Designer is familiar with consumer marketing research and is skilled at content development. User Interface Designer jobs require an understanding of the balance of colors, textures and interactive elements (such as navigational design components) that make a user-friendly web page.

The UI Designer is a great communicator and patient when working in teams.

Hire UI Designers who are methodical and able to see the big picture. They also can break human behavior patterns into their most logical steps. They are creative but also scientific and organized. They’re great at anticipating next steps and can apply their intuition to this role. The User Interface Designer has great attention to detail.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The UI Designer utilizes a number of software programs. Some examples include:

  • Axure a good program for creating prototypes
  • Keynote is excellent for wireframing
  • Illustrator is a commonly used graphic design program
  • Intuition HQ is a website usability testing program
  • Omnigraffle is mandatory for stenciling and diagramming
  • Verify App tracks the process of where users click
  • Visio offers flow and diagram charting

These are a few of the most commonly utilized software programs UI Designers use. Each UI Designer, depending upon the industry, favors their own set of programs that help them get the job done. PhotoShop, Adobe Premier, Macromedia Flash and even Microsoft Excel and Dreamweaver could also be useful.

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