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UI Developer stands for User Interface Design, a technology-focused role that seeks to create digital software that entices the user into a seamless interaction between human and computer. This career path seeks to improve the user experience by making web page or software interactions simple, fun, easy and effective. You will find UI Developers almost anywhere there is a complicated technological system that interacts with a consumer; from the auto industry to software to cell phones. Here is a UI Developer Job Description:

This user interface job requires strong design skills with a focus on how the program engages the user in a positive experience. The design process includes consumer research into how people use the technology. This role is different than a UI Designer.

UI Developer Skills Needed

The UI Developer is, first and foremost, a technical, scientific, computer geek. But like a lot of roles in computing that focus on the consumer experience, the role also seeks to please human beings by understanding how computers are used and how the experience could be streamlined to create a better end result. This requires some analytical thought processes.

The UI Developer is a Graphic Designer and a people pleaser. Their designs are practical and focused on engaging the user of an app or website or program. Crossover UI Developer skills include industrial design, website design or software design.

This career requires a methodical, analytical approach, and an understanding of scientific methods of research, coupled with a creative streak. The finished products must be aesthetically pleasing to the end user, after all!

UI Developers are early technology adopters and practice Agile Management. They are artists at heart, but their favorite medium is the computer, not paint. UI Developers have great reading comprehension and technical skills but also a knack for interpreting and understanding human behavior.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The UI Developer is proficient in the creative tools needed to create interactive apps for consumers. They must be proficient in:

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