Job Description Usability Analyst

Usability Analysts focus primarily on the customer experience as they interact with software or a website, machinery or other product or service. While they primarily exist in the website design world, the role has begun cropping up in many other industries as a way to keep the customer satisfied – and buying more.

The Usability Analyst interacts and evaluates what makes a website or other product work well and what can improve the experience of the end user. This makes usability specialists incredibly valuable to any business that has a digital presence and wants to increase it.

If your business is trying to make your website, app or other product well known, fun and creative, as well as memorable, it might be time to seek the assistance of a Usability Analyst.

Usability Analyst Skills Needed

The Usability Analyst is intuitive, creative and curious about human behavior. Usability specialists are detail-oriented but also able to extrapolate data and connect the dots into a big picture. Utilizing these skills to ultimately change a website or software design to make it more consumer-friendly.

Usability Analysts are technical and computer savvy, they are as comfortable with graphic design as they are number crunching. Analytical yet creative, these experts have a knack for understanding how people interact with machines, and excel at designing more accessible products in the digital space.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Research drives decisions related to making software or other complicated systems more efficient to utilize by consumers. Focus groups, task analysis and surveys are all important to this role. Programs like Wufoo or Typeform are some of the latest survey tools on the market. Other programs needed for website usability testing jobs include:

To name a few… But some of the old standbys still serve as the foundational software skills for the usability specialist including photo editors like PhotoShop, Adobe Premier for video editing, Macromedia Flash and even Microsoft Excel and Dreamweaver.

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