Job Description UX Business Analyst

A UX (User Experience) Business Analyst studies the numbers in their attempt to improve the adoption and engagement rate of consumers for a particular website, app or software application. They study categories like client retention and revenue trends to determine the best way to create realistic client goals and then achieve them.

The UX Business Analyst creates user interface designs and mockups that will mimic the actual user interaction with a digital site. They are involved in the overall strategy of increasing reach for a website or other digital project. User Experience Analysts are comfortable with consumer research, psychology and the latest in UX best practices which serves as the backbone of a UX-related project roll out.

If you are a UX Business Analyst your goal is always to increase the project’s reach by improving the interactivity and enjoyment of a website, app or other digital project. Ultimately this will capture more revenue for your client, marking this role as vitally important to a businesses success.

UX Business Analyst Skills Needed

UX Business Analysts should be creatively analytical, meaning, they must be out of the box thinkers who can also back up their ideas with hard research. They are team players that are comfortable collaborating with graphic designers, web architects, and the clients themselves. The User Experience Business Analyst is a great communicator, as comfortable with sociology as they are with statistics.

UX Business Analysts must be able to listen. They are very task oriented and organized. When it comes to research, they have a can-do attitude.

Understanding the goals of the client while being driven by a complex timeline of tasks requires finesse as well as stress management as they manage the daily details.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The User Experience Analyst should be very comfortable with project manager software. They should also be familiar with a variety of graphic design programs, spreadsheets and customer research tools. They should stay on top of the latest software and industry trends.

We recommend checking out:

  • XMind, a mind mapping tool
  • FileSquare, to create prototypes
  • IntuitionHQ usability testing software
  • PollDaddy to issue surveys and gather data

Attention UX Analysts

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