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UX stands for “user experience” and, as you might imagine, UX Developers are important to both the customer experience as well as overall website success. Increasingly, companies are seeking UX Developers to help improve sales and build their business.

The UX Developer is part designer and part developer; you must have creative skills and know html. Your job is to improve the website experience for visitors to a particular site each day. How a human being interacts with a computer encompasses:

  • The creative design of a site
  • The ease of searching for particular information on a site
  • Links between pages

There are multiple categories related to structuring and organization of a site, including how information is grouped and categorized. User Experience Developers often build prototypes of creative design concepts. Their job is to build an idea and test it out on the web.

UX Developer Skills

UX Developers understand the big picture; they design the organizational structure behind a website and make certain interactive components of a site can be achieved. They must be skilled programmers as well as creative and on top of the latest industry and cultural trends. If you’re an out of the box thinker, this job is for you.

The UX Developer job requires candidates who have strong interpersonal and communication skills. They must be team players able to actively listen, take verbal instruction and extrapolate it to create concrete web content. UX Developer skills include being adept at brainstorming but also great researchers. Patience is always required during the beta testing process of any website, and flexibility is a must.

The UX Developer designs to the user experience, marking them as one of the most important experts that can affect whether your website will go viral – or languish in Internet limbo.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The UX Developer must span technologies, languages and web platforms.

Staying on top of the latest in website software application upgrades is imperative. Understanding user research, personas and wireframing is all in a days work for the UX Developer. This is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating visual design, computer programming, consumer research and sociology, so understanding a diverse array of software is vital. Some of the designer platforms to consider are:

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