Job Description Video and Motion Graphics Artist

MoThe Video and Motion Graphics expert is a digital artist. Their canvas is the computer screen and you will see their work on everything from handheld electronic devices, to smartphones, television, movies and the web. The Video and Motions Graphics Artist creates motion graphics used in multimedia campaigns for large corporations, eLearning platforms, promotional products, computer graphics, and technical illustrations – to name just a few of their deliverables.

When you consider the importance of a picture or artwork to any creative campaign and then multiply it with the power of video animation, you will realize the overall value of this role to any business or organization. Creating a conceptual design, developing storyboards, collaborating with a team, editing and then implementing a graphic are all in a day’s work for these creative staffers.

Video and Motion Graphics Artist Skills Needed

The Video and Motion Graphics Artist uses visual design or video to communicate and idea concept or story. They are incredibly creative, but should be collaborative in their approach because they often work with business teams and marketing departments come up with a workable design.

They have high-end digital skills and are expert with interactive media software, which could include graphic design and video editing to three-dimensional animation. While motion graphics jobs often require a degree, a portfolio of work can often show the range of skills needed to be successful in the job.

They are agile at brainstorming, coming up with custom graphics that transmit ideas across digital platforms. Motion Graphics Artists are also deadline driven, organized and detail obsessed. They have top notch interpersonal and communication skills but are also self-starters, able to work independently from a group.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Perhaps the most important software for this role is to understand the Adobe suite of products.

Some of the most commonly used software programs used by the Video and Motion Graphics Artist are:

They are also often very experienced with:

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