Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

Landing Page Mistakes to AvoidWhen you accept a freelance web designer job or work for a professional web design company, your clients expect you to have superior knowledge about web design that will translate into action for them. They want hits, they want conversions, and they want to make money because your designs are effective.

At every stage in your career as a web designer, you need to stay up-to-date and learn new tricks. Staying comfortable and stagnant in your knowledge base is not acceptable, especially in view of how lightning fast changes occur online these days. Accomplish your goals and meet those of your clients by taking time to continually brush up on design trends and online marketing tactics.

The Critical Importance of the Landing Page

The landing page of a website is, without a doubt, the most important part of any website. This is the bait put out to viewers, and the only objective is to catch them with immediate interest and add them to your customer list as they respond positively. In other words, catch them, keep them and sell to them. If the landing page does not do this job, all effort is in vain. A high bounce rate is a true indicator that the landing page needs work. If you cannot catch viewer interest within a few milliseconds, the potential customer will likely be lost. If they do browse through the rest of the page and interior web pages, you may be able to convert them into customers, but the best chance for this is still with your landing page.

Common Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Not making a great first impression. This is your biggest chance, and you only have milliseconds to catch the interest of your viewer.
  2. Not having a clear value proposition. Your headline and above the fold copy, images and video are the doors you want them to open, but if they do not understand your offer, all is lost.
  3. Confusing forms to fill out. If the form is too long or too short, the viewer will either not understand what you want or wonder why you want so much information and what you will do with it. Clarity counts!
  4. The landing page is filled with distractions. Bad move if your viewer gets confused right off the bat. They need to be shown clearly what you are offering, and led towards the inquiry.
  5. Not designing the page content for mobile devices. Keep important information and forms placed to accommodate mobile device viewing for best results. Communication is increasingly going mobile; be sure your web design keeps up with trends.
  6. Lack of response when someone submits a form or makes an inquiry. Instant communication back will put them at ease, and they will know you received their information.
  7. Your buttons are generic. Customize buttons so viewers understand at a glance what to expect.
  8. You set it and forget it. Be sure to test and recheck, make adjustments and add new content periodically.

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