Less Obvious Ways a Top Chicago Staffing Agency Can Help You

Assume you’re a graphic designer seeking freelance assignments in the Chicago-metro area. You have some contacts that occasionally advise you of potential client opportunities. Sometimes there are less obvious ways that a top rated staffing agency can help you in your search.

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The best freelance job agencies, like Artisan, list new opportunities, often with daily personal updates. These agencies have more contacts in a number of different industries than one individual probably could ever have. If smart creative recruiters see something they like in you, chances are they will want to place you again and again.

Other creative staffing agency benefits may be lesser known. Here are a few additional benefits of which you may be unaware.

  • Some of their employer clients have been partners for long periods, becoming regular and consistent sources of new jobs. Is there ever enough “marketing time?” Not likely. When you’re marketing, you’re not producing. When you’re producing, you cannot market. A good staffing agency can become a consistent source of interesting jobs because of their reputation with many active clients.
  • Top freelance job agencies are a valuable resource and dispenser of knowledge that makes you a better performer. Many of the best creative employment firms offer articles, blogs and other reference information that help you become a more polished and knowledgeable freelancer. These resources help make you a more effective—and busier—freelancer.
  • The best creative agencies handle many administrative duties for you. This can include providing direct deposit, collecting out-of-pocket expenses on your behalf, keeping a record of your assignments, etc. While money is like time—there is never enough—creative staffing agencies can negotiate rates for you and help manage your assignments more efficiently.
  • Freelance job agencies help you become a more confident and effective marketer of your skills and professionalism. As you complete more assignments successfully, your agency will better understand your ability and, when possible, may recommend you, should clients ask for their opinion. Consistently working for new and repeated clients builds your confidence, which further develops your personal marketing ability to sell your talent better to future clients.

These advantages, beyond simple job board listings, can generate upgrades in both short- and long-term lifestyle and professional success for freelancers, whether in major cities like Chicago or smaller markets. Let superior freelance job agencies expand your influence and your bank account.


Artisan Talent is a Digital, Marketing and Creative Staffing Firm placing talent in jobs perfectly matched with their skills all over the US.  For available jobs, to submit your resume, or learn more about working with Artisan Talent, contact us here.

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