Leveraging Wikipedia to Bring Visibility to Your Brand (Dos and Don’ts)

Leveraging Wikipedia

Leveraging Wikipedia to Bring Visibility to Your Brand (Dos and Don'ts) Wikipedia is home to millions of articles on virtually any topic you can imagine. People all over the world access Wikipedia every day, making the potential for exposure on this website extreme. As you work to build your social media campaign, getting an article on Wikipedia is a must.

Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you in leveraging Wikipedia by creating a Wikipedia presence that provides your business with the maximum possible benefit.


Get in the right way

Wikipedia doesn’t respond well when businesses write articles about themselves and post them, especially if the article’s perspective makes it obvious. Instead of logging on and immediately writing an article about your company, take some time to improve your chances. You can do this by:

  • Searching for your company’s name on Wikipedia.
  • Writing other articles about subjects you understand.
  • Obtaining as much exposure in the press as possible.
  • Read articles on Wikipedia to learn more about the typical style and structure.

Add links to other sites

Wikipedia wants articles that are well researched. When you create your initial article, be sure to include plenty of links to reputable sites or other articles on Wikipedia to support the claims you make in the article.

Monitor your page

Users can edit Wikipedia pages any time of the day. Monitor your page regularly for edits and respond quickly to any concerns you have about the material posted. For example, if someone edits your page to include a negative opinion or incorrect fact, appeal to the community to have it removed.

Use the Discussion page

Wikipedia’s discussion page can be very helpful, especially if you start with a short article. Use this page to let users know that more information about the company will be added soon.


Don’t advertise blatantly

If your Wikipedia article is clearly one-sided and promotional, it won’t last long on the site. Be as factual as possible, and don’t exalt or praise your company. Likewise, consider omitting a link to your official webpage initially. Another user is likely to add it in the future.

Don’t overdo it

Adding a 1,000-word article right off the bat sends up red flags to Wikipedia. Instead, start out with a small article, and add to it gradually over time. If you’re doing things right, other users will add to it as well.

Don’t edit your own page

If you edit your own page too frequently, Wikipedia is sure to shut it down. It may be difficult, but, after posting your initial article, wait for other users to make changes.

Don’t get offended

Wikipedia is an open forum, and other users may make negative edits about your company. Don’t be offended. If someone attacks you, simply appeal to the Wikipedia community for help.

If executed correctly, your company’s Wikipedia page can be a great asset. Artisan is also an expert on all other forms of social media for small business. Contact us today to learn more about Leveraging Wikipedia.

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