How to Promote Your Company on Pinterest

Promote Your Company on Pinterest

You may have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn down pat, but if you’re missing out on Pinterest you may be missing out on a slew of potential customers. Pinterest has expanded to include business accounts and business pages. You can set up a new account or convert your personal account into a business one, which gives you added features such as highlighting and linking to your company website.

How to Promote Your Company on Pinterest Hopping on the bandwagon with neither a plan nor a clue how to promote your company on Pinterest, however, can be a waste of your time, energy and even make yourself look foolish. Instead take some promo tips from and to turn that foolishness into a flurry of followers.

General Pinterest Tips

Making sure your brand is a good fit with Pinterest is the first order of business. The majority of Pinterest users are women, Inc reports, and they are often looking for recipes, fashions and home and garden-related fare. That doesn’t mean you’re out if you don’t provide such imagery; it just means you need to use a bit of creativity that can make even the most Pinterest-unfriendly companies compelling to the crowd.

A case in point comes from the tax preparing company of H&R Block. While you may think nothing about taxes could make a fine visual, the company has loads of Pinterest posts with fun images. These range from a baby bib that proclaims, “I’m a new tax deduction,” to a pink and baby blue infographic outlining Valentine’s Day spending.

Even companies that automatically lend themselves to visuals, such as a professional web design company or those offering a freelance web designer job, should keep the demographic in mind.

You should also keep in mind that the Pinterest images you post can be linked back to your website to generate leads. SocialMediaExaminer suggests creating specific content for your site that you will use to draw people from Pinterest. Set up a specific link on your landing page to the content, using a compelling image to draw interest. Use that same image on Pinterest, linking the Pinterest image to the landing page image and bringing new visitors.

Specific Pin Board Tips

Now that you’ve got the background, it’s time to set up some pin boards in the foreground. High-quality, compelling images are your main ingredient, and you can go for specific boards that focus on:

  • Holidays and promotion of holiday services or products
  • An overall theme, such as images of all your pet-related items and services or images showcasing a specific style or color
  • Your most popular items or services
  • A daily pin board theme, where you pick a topic for the day that is somehow linked to your business and pin interesting items you find around the web

Being generous to other brands by repining their items can help further build up a community of followers which can then translate to a community of customers. Contact us today to learn more on how to promote your company on Pinterest.

Ryn G is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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