Micro Video Proves Profitable Marketing Ploy

Micro Video

For those involved in web video production and internet video marketing, the arrival of micro video is proving to be a profitable marketing ploy. This exciting and dynamic new tool has moved up from the old days of just being used as a spy camera. Size does matter here, with some micro video HD cameras made up as incredibly tiny devices, small enough to fit into a fountain pen barrel, attached to a pair of sunglasses or incorporated into a car key chain tag. This new equipment is a boon to creative producers to use in marketing their own capabilities, as well as offering new marketing power for clients to use.

What is Micro Video?

Micro video files are created from HD sources. They are smaller than standard video, with files around 300 to 500 MB. This will provide up to about 90 minutes of audio/visual production capability, but at a lower resolution than standard HD productions. This is good for website use, because the video will load faster for viewers, but still have high quality visuals and audio. Micro video cameras are very small, often the size of a coin or smaller, so they can go and fit anywhere you wish to take them or mount them.

A Good Improvement for Producers and Clients

When a creative producer can offer micro video capability for web video production, it enhances sales and profit potential because costs are lower. At the same time, it is a boon for clients who want to add more sizzle and pizzazz to their websites within an affordable price range. Internet video marketing is one way that independent producers can offer clients new ways to enhance their company websites. The old truth of “a picture is worth 1,000 words” still holds true, and video brings many pictures to life online. Lower file size means more video can be used to tell marketing stories.

Affordability Counts

The major benefit to all is the low cost of modern micro video components and production tools. Cameras can be priced ridiculously low, around $12 or higher for better quality micro video cameras. Associated features are also being produced in smaller sizes to fit new micro video equipment. Creative web video producers can have a field day acquiring these new cameras and accessories, while making good money using them. In addition to affordability, the equipment is small, thus making it much easier to pack up and carry along to remote shooting locations. Clients benefit from lower production costs and set-up time required.

Associated Features for Production

Major features of new micro video equipment include battery power, time and date stamps, automatic overwriting when the memory card is full, and the fact that micro video can be replayed on any type of MAC or PC computer. Accessories include USB connection cables, wall or car chargers, SD cards, mounting brackets and portable video players that do not require use of a computer. Remote location rigging is available on a small size, and there now is the capability of shooting in professional stereoscopic 3D mode, if desired. Microsoft’s new Micro Video Capture allows recording from any webcam, TV tuner card, or digital capture devices including digital cameras. MVC files are saved in AVI format.

Multiple Uses for Micro Video

With their small size, micro video cameras are now used for much more than simple spy missions. Use this equipment to unobtrusively record events like weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, slideshows, performances, memorials and other services. Use micro video productions for promotion on a website or download to DVDs for training materials. One new and very popular social media use that brings it into play is the iOS Vine app for those short 6 second videos that Twitter users enjoy sharing online.

Internet video marketing is an excellent product for all parties to benefit from using. The use of visuals is enhanced by live action, while product use, benefits and demonstration is made simple through video presentation.

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