Mobile Sales to Reach 25 Percent in 2017

Mobile Sales to reach 25%

Businesses riding the fence or dragging their feet about investing in a mobile redesigns of their websites now have one more huge reason to take the leap. According to a recent study that takes a look into the future of mobile marketing, the next four years are expected to see explosive expansion of business in the mobile sales (retail) arena. By 2017, it’s predicted that 25 percent – or a full quarter – of all online retail transactions that occur in the United States will be processed on mobile devices.

Mobile Sales to Reach 25 Percent in 2017 Where Are We Now? Taking a Look at Today’s Stats

While 25 percent may not seem like a lot to the uninformed eye, it’s important to first look at where the percentages stand today with respect to mobile sales (retail) transactions. In doing so, we begin to get some perspective. In 2011, the percentage of online retail sales that took place on mobile devices was seven; in 2012, that number jumped to 11 percent. Although we’re only at the midway point of 2013, signs are already pointing to a substantial leap in mobile retail sales that will drive numbers upwards of 15 percent. A leap to 25 percent in the next four years translates to more than $100 billion per year in transactions for retailers. Those who want to get a slice of that enormously lucrative pie are urged to get on the mobile retail bandwagon sooner rather than later.

The Action is in Tablet Form

Not surprisingly, it’s also predicted that the majority of mobile retail sales will take place not on smart phones, but on tablets. While the boom in the tablet industry isn’t expected to slow down developments in the smart phone arena, the much larger screens and vastly improved browsing experiences that tablets offer will ultimately result in higher numbers of purchases taking place away from the home. Experts believe that by the year 2017, tablets will account for 70 percent of mobile retail sales. Smart phones, on the other hand, are expected to account for 25 percent of mobile business.

Ready, Set, Capitalize

What do these numbers mean for businesses seeking to maximize online profits? For one, they’re clear indication that there is still plenty of room to grow when it comes to e-commerce, and that growth opportunities have not leveled off. For another, it underscores the urgency for retailers of making their sites compatible with mobile devices. Those who make it easier for their customers to purchase from anywhere at any time – whether out and about town or a thousand miles from home – will reap the benefits of our increasingly mobile society.

And that’s not all. The percentages also bode well for individuals looking for a job in mobile design or seeking to explore their options in web design careers. With an expected influx of work creating mobile apps and redesigning websites for mobile compatibility, the job market for professionals in this field will likely grow on a level far above the national average. All of these scenarios translate to “more jobs, more business.”

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