Online Video Content Cited as Top Priority for Companies Interested in Boosting Their Online Profiles

Online Video Content

You’d think by now, every small business owner would have learned that one of the paths to the greatest online visibility lies in the creation of videos. Internet video marketing isn’t new – it’s a tool that companies have been using for more than a decade to attract potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back again.

Despite unprecedented growth of online video viewership in 2012, web video production continues to be one of the areas where companies are most often coming up short with respect to their online content.

One of the most oft-cited reasons for businesses failing to focus on web video production is that they don’t feel it’s a medium that applies to them. This is a perfect example of how misconceptions about the way online and social media marketing works can cause a company to lose out on unique growth opportunities.

Many business owners believe that internet video marketing is a niche that belongs only to those companies with something visual to sell: a jewelry maker, perhaps, or a hotel chain advertising its properties in a way that prospective customers can see. But that’s not all video marketing is good for. Some enterprising companies are using it to broaden their online profile and expand their social media reach by creating vlogs (video blogs), humorous commercials advertising their services, or highly valuable informational videos about their specific industry.


Here are some additional factoids that could change your mind if you’re on the fence about pursuing a video marketing campaign.

Online Video Content Cited as Top Priority for Companies Interested in Boosting Their Online Profiles – With video, you are far more likely to attract the attention of a someone accessing the internet on a mobile device. People who are constantly “on the go” are a lot less likely to read a blog post or news article and are far more likely to watch a quick video.

– Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are absolutely free to use, therefore there is no overhead costs when it comes to paying for the bandwidth consumption that comes as a natural result of customers watching your videos.

– Video links are easy to share across all of the major social media platforms. On Facebook, for example, when someone shares a video through private message or by posting it publicly to their wall, the platform automatically populates with a thumbnail image, the title of the video, and a brief description as created by you.

– Online videos are can be easily shared by social media users, opening up even more opportunity for your company to cash in on free advertisement from loyal fans who are willing to help spread the word.

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Vince F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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