Outdated Web Design Trends You Should Dump Now

Outdated Web Design Trends You Should Dump NowWeb Design Trends

Sitting down in front of a design program with all those tools and fancy styles at hand, many people often forget the first rule of web design. It can be so tempting to play, to create a page that’s an experience when you really just need a page that gets the job done.

The number one rule in building a website is to keep people on the page, not to wow them with how many design elements you can incorporate. The trend in web design has been moving toward the more simplistic, an environment in which users can find what they’re looking for without a lot of distraction, and if your’e looking to make a splash with your website or score a freelance web designer job, you’ll nix these trends from your design repertoire yesterday.

Intros and Auto-Play Media

Have you created the coolest, most stunning flash intro ever designed for the web? Congratulations. Now, get rid of it.

For a time, flash intros were the cool thing, a sign of high-end design adopted by major companies, but that time has passed.

You can safely assume users don’t need an introduction to your website, that they know how a site works and what your company does. Even if they don’t, assume they can find the information on your About page without guidance.

Some users enjoy a little creative splash. Many find website intros time-consuming and irritating, especially those that can’t be bypassed.

Auto-Play Ads

The same things that make intros annoying make auto-play ads annoying, but since ads typically come with sound, they are even more of an intrusion. Josh Sternberg at Digiday goes so far as to call auto-play ads the “most hated digital ad tactic.”

Auto-play ads can be tempting because they offer a way for your website to bring in some money, which is why they’ve become a thing. Annoying potential customers, though, makes these ads a detriment in the long run.

While we’re on the subject of auto-play, dump the auto-play audio period. Unless you’re a musician, in which case there’s a good chance audio is what users have come to your page to find, there is zero reason to have your website assault anyone’s ears with smooth jazz.

Separate Web and Mobile Sites

Before things got responsive, companies went mobile-friendly by having two different websites, a primary that looked good on a computer and a secondary designed for mobile viewing.

With the shift to a more mobile technical world came responsive themes, though, and, with responsive themes, it’s silly to do double the work. A responsive website design ensures your website looks good on any device, and gives users the same experience, regardless of the device on which your site is viewed.

If you’re a small business owner without a lot of time to put in on web design, hiring a professional web design company to do the work can save you from outdated design elements. Good pro web designers stay on top of trends, so you will have the latest in design. When you’re ready to get started on your modern website,  or need more information on web design trends, contact us today.


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