Qualifications for Front-End Web Developers

Qualifications for front-end web developers

With a thorough knowledge of programming languages and technology, coders and developers take Adobe Creative Suite files and turn them into living, functioning websites. Coding and developing jobs require close collaboration with creative teams on every aspect of building and launching a website, microsite, or mobile app.

Qualifications for front-end web developers include: ability to write custom scripts to accommodate a client requests. Coders and developers must have a deep familiarity with Object Oriented Programming in Java, Objective C, Cocoa, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, gained through some combination of training and experience.

Web developers can retool existing sites or build new ones from the ground up, collaborating with designers and clients and making their code sing. The best developers understand their clients’ business, customers, and special needs, and know how they can be best showcased on the web.

Developers are responsible for cross-browser compatibility – whether viewed through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or a mobile browser, their work should look great and function fully. Sometimes this requires adding features to ensure that a site will work will enough even if it can’t be properly displayed.

Ease of navigation and a smooth user experience are key responsibilities for coders and developers. They take pains to ensure that users who view a site will take time to interact with it and take advantage of what the client has to offer. A developer makes sure that every element of a site, particularly e-commerce functionality, works well and is glitch-free.

Web developers may have different areas they specialize in, but all qualified developers should have some familiarity with search engine optimization, user experience best practices, and e-commerce.

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