Qualifications for Information Architects

An information architect (sometimes called a “digital librarian”) organizes complex systems of information so that users can find exactly what they need.

Daily tasks in information architect jobs can include user research; determining hierarchies of information and content flow; creating PDFs and spreadsheets in Visio, Omnigraffle, and Adobe Illustrator; and delivering taxonomies and wireframes.

Information architects help craft the structure and layout of a website, often working closely with web designers, user experience designers, and others on the design team. They help create menus, hyperlinks, and other elements that make a site engaging and effective.

How can available information can be arranged in a way that allows end users to interact with it , find what they need and meet a client’s goals? The best information architects know which of many possible solutions will work best for a project.

Information architecture is a growing and evolving field, attracting some of the most creative and strategic minds in the industry.

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