Qualifications for User Experience Designers

User Experience Designers

If you’ve downloaded an app to your mobile device, made a purchase online, or used an ATM, you’ve benefitted from the work of a user experience designer.

User experience designers (commonly called “UX” designers) crunch data, organize information, understand human behavior as it relates to their projects, and create interactive experiences that draw people in and keep them coming back. A UX design job may require research, analysis, sitemaps, taxonomies, wireframes, and more.

Great UX designers think so that their users don’t have to.

User experience designers consider the look and feel of a system and what elements will best serve a user’s ease and a client’s goals. They collaborate with others on the design team, including graphic designers and interface designers, to bring all the elements into concert. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and a strong need for businesses to adapt, the demand for user experience professionals is higher than ever.

This requires a broad, multidisciplinary approach to the digital space, drawing on wisdom and best practices in industrial design, interaction design, information design, visual interface design, information architecture, visual interface design, and behavioral psychology.

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