To Do: Seasonal Web Re-Design

Seasonal Web Re-Design

2015 To Do Seasonal Website Redesign

Have you ever taken notice of companies that update or re-design their websites on a seasonal basis? Seasonal web re-design–like the placement of Christmas banners or Easter imagery on a homepage–can take a lot of effort to maintain. Yet many businesses engage in this type of regular maintenance. Although it is extra work, many companies find that the benefits of seasonal web re-design make it all worthwhile. Here are just a few reasons companies choose to take on this type of work.

Touch Client Emotions

One of the primary reasons to perform seasonal web redesign is to engage with the emotions of your clients. People like holidays and they like the change of the seasons. Seasonal updates remind your clients of the passage of time, and make clients feel nostalgia for seasons long past.

Seasonal web re-design presents a chance to show that your company shares these same values. In essence, seasonal changes send subtle messages to your clients, reminding them that your business is made up of employees who understand and relate to those feelings. This brings your employees and clients closer together through shared experiences. Knowing this about your company can make your clients more attached to your organization, leading to a more loyal client base.

Eliminate Old Information

It’s easy to forget about the old announcements and old information on your company website, but you’re less likely to overlook these problems if you’re constantly updating the website. Going back to your website on a regular basis keeps your content fresh and new.

Show Your Company Is Active

Have you ever been to a website with outdated information on it and wondered if that company was still in business? Clients who can see that your website is constantly updating will know that your company is active and thriving.

To take this idea a step further: if your web re-design is engaging enough, some clients may visit your home page on a regular basis just to see what you’ll do next. A perfect example of this phenomenon is the website, which is constantly changing to memorialize holidays, births, deaths and historic discoveries. These changes, which Google calls “doodles,” generates a lot of public buzz and keeps people returning to the site time and again.

It’s A Way To Keep Improving

Internet standards are constantly changing, web browsers are constantly updating and new discoveries are always being made. Updating your website on a bi-annual or quarterly basis creates a natural opportunity to update old code, stay compliant with the latest HTML standards and integrate the latest updates into your design.

If you’re thinking about making seasonal updates to your company’s website, you’re going to need the right talent for the job. Artisan creative talent agency is ready to fill your staffing needs. Our design professionals are poised to further their web design careers with companies like yours. Contact us today for more information


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