Self-Employment Advice: The Importance of Mapping Out Your Work Schedule


If you’re working with a creative staffing firm to find freelance job assignments, you’re still self-employed. Even if you work through a recruitment agency like Artisan, where you may be granted access to actual paid time off and benefits, you’re still essentially a free agent, which to is music to many freelancers’ ears.


But beware, there are some pitfalls that you might fall into, and the need to manage your time properly is one of the most critical bits of self-employment advice you’ll ever get. It’s also the one that can make the biggest difference in determining whether you succeed beyond your wildest expectations or end up taking a job you don’t want at hours that conflict with your life.

Time Management

Your first step to tackling the issue of time management is to assign yourself specific office hours. Don’t work around the clock or you’ll burn out. Likewise, by working around the clock you run the risk of slacking off and not getting things done by misusing flexible hours. Failing to keep a regular work schedule is one of the biggest mistakes that self-employed people make, and it can lead to a pile of messes including backed up work, missed deadlines and killer stress.

Get a Planner

To help you accomplish this, get a day planner specifically dedicated to your freelance life. Every few hours of your work day, from lunch breaks to max productivity time, should be mapped out in advance so that you don’t fall behind on a project or deliver a substandard end result. It’s also important to plan days off for yourself even if you’d rather work. Taking a break from the stress of a job you love is another vital piece of self-employment advice that’ll help ensure your longevity and continued passion.


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