SEO, SEM and CRM – Understanding the Lingo

It is important to understand the lingo unique to an industry in order to better communicate with others in that same field. For those outside the chosen field, learning what those acronyms mean can be helpful for a number of reasons, especially if their work is even remotely connected to that of online media marketers (and most professionals now are in some regard).

A vocabulary unique to marketing on the internet – a convenient verbal and written shorthand – is becoming second nature to those using digital marketing media.

SEO, SEM and CRM - Understanding the LingoIn the field of marketing, rarely an hour passes without someone using several now-common terms: SEO, SEM and CRM. Each acronym represents an important modern marketing strategy. We present a brief summary of these three concepts.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The thought behind this concept is that an advertiser can improve online visibility by making a site page extra-friendly to search engines. If this can be done effectively, the site will rank higher in search results, resulting in a higher number of visits. More visitors can mean a better opportunity to secure customers or buyers. Efforts to attain search engine optimization include the way the copy is written to include certain keywords likely to appear in searches and specific terms used in creating all content, including coding and META entries. SEO uses text, images, links and other forms of content to target searches of many kinds. Many companies find that hiring SEO consultants is a cost-effective way to increase SEO and audience engagement.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

This is a more general term that refers to using SEO approaches to promote websites. It also includes online advertising placed with the intent to persuade viewers to click back to the website. It applies to all search engine related promotional activities that are designed to bring potential customers to the website through searches.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

This broad term refers to the methods used to manage how a company relates to customers, potential customers, and clients. Data is electronically collected and categorized for use by the marketing department. Feedback is used to help shape future promotions and marketing goals. It is a method of cultivating information and securing relationships with a company’s most important resource, their current customers or clients. Additionally, CRM helps reduce marketing costs.

These concepts work together to improve results of search engine marketing services, and all who corroborate to achieve best results from online digital marketing can benefit from the familiarity of these acronyms within the industry. They can communicate important ideas knowing everyone involved understands the broad concepts referred to by the acronyms.


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