Should You Choose Bing Over Google for Paid Advertising?

The decision to move to paid advertising online is part of many new creative marketing plans. Naturally, this is a competitive area for ad providers. Currently, the top contenders are Google and Bing, so your main choice is which one to choose for your paid advertising.

The answer can be found in measurement of ad results, which several organizations like and others have published online. The latest data shows an efficiency difference between these two giants, with Bing leading in the lower cost category. However, Google AdWords continues to provide a better click through responses and higher viewership numbers.

Clicks versus Cost

While Google AdWords delivers a higher rate of clicks, those advertisements also cost significantly more than ads on Bing, so the client pays a higher cost per click rate on Google. This is where creative marketing plans can either shine or fall down hard. Is it worth paying a higher rate for online advertising on Google to cast a larger net? Or, is it better to pay less and reach a smaller audience and benefit from a better return off viewers that are reached by Bing?

Another variable to consider when planning interactive marketing strategy is company size. A larger company or brand may benefit from the broad reach of Google AdWords. Small to midsize businesses may do better to reach the smaller, but more loyal audience at Bing. The main objective of interactive marketing is to move the viewer to actively become part of an online conversation between the advertiser and viewer. Ideally, you want them to not only make a purchase off the ad, but also to visit your website for more and to become a loyal return customer.

Viewer Involvement

Incorporating social media paid advertising in your marketing plan is an ideal way to start and maintain these online conversations. Your paid ads on Bing or Google AdWords can help bring those new potential buyers to your website for more information about other products in addition to generating sales off the ads. At that point, you can encourage information sharing through social media outlets to locate more viewers.

There are indications that both ad providers have almost equal results except in two categories, shopping and classified ads, where Google has a hands-down lead over Bing. On the other hand, Bing ads can be more effective because there is less competition on Bing than on Google AdWords, thus generating a better chance to attract a customer.

As part of the evolution of creative marketing, freelancers and clients both should be aware that each paid ad provider offers different opportunities to help you reach your objectives. Your decision about which source to use, Bing or Google, depends upon your plan objectives. If you want to spread the word to a larger audience, choose Google. If you want to draw in a smaller, but more likely to purchase audience, give Bing an opportunity to serve you.

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