Want To Be a Creative Art Director? Don’t Overlook the Basics!

Being a creative art director can be an immensely rewarding job, and that’s why you really need to cover your bases if you want to find work in this field: it’s competitive. If you want to land more freelance work in creative job placement, keep these points in mind while job hunting.

Want To Be a Creative Art Director Don't Overlook the Basics Find the Right Jobs for You

Give up on ever being the greatest creative art director the world has ever seen, it’s not going to happen. In fact, it’s not going to happen for you or anyone else. The objective “best” position is more or less an illusion. You can’t be the very best art director to the point where people always come to you, first, with a job. What you can do instead is focus on being the best at a particular niche. Find the right jobs for you and don’t waste your time applying at the ones that aren’t a good fit.

Get Inventive

Working in art direction, your job is probably going to be a part of a company’s marketing efforts, so if you can’t catch their attention with your query email, then you’re probably not what they’re looking for in the first place. One candidate made the news when he “accidentally” included a file labelled “porn” with his resume. When the employer finally clicked it, he got a message “Just kidding!” It’s a silly gimmick, but it worked. Be creative with your correspondence and you may just shine through the pile.

Focus on Your Work

A good resume is important, but it’s only a start. A resume is the work you want them to see, their Google results will show them everything else. When you consider that even that flyer you didn’t get paid enough to design is going into those Google results, it becomes clear that there are no unimportant jobs. No matter how much or little you get paid, remember that future employers are probably going to find whatever it is that you’re working on.

In essence, the trick to being a great art director is to just be a great art director. You’ll get the jobs you want if you focus not merely on making a lot of money in the field, but on producing great work.


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