Social media names

Social Media Names

If clients or potential clients are having difficulty finding you on a social network like Twitter, or trouble recalling your username, survey says you need a new name. While being social has become almost mandatory for businesses, it makes little difference to join the party if other revelers can’t find you.

An online name is more than just a handle, though. It reflects on your company, your personality, and your brand. That’s why a good username is like gold on the Internet. Taking the time to sift carefully through the mud is the only way to hit pay dirt.

Usernames That Help You Be Found

Getting lost on the Internet isn’t necessarily the sign of a bad name. Often, it’s the sign of a good one. So good, in fact, it has become common.

If your name is John Smith, resign yourself now to being known by something else online. Do you have a short, distinctive company name? That will work. As will a description of what sets you apart from the crowd. If you do building, for instance, be @thetoolguy. If you make costumes for the theater, be @thethreadguy.

These short usernames are good for branding, since they showcase your expertise right in the name.

For Companies

Many companies feel pressure to use the full company name when creating social media names for small business. It’s the most professional way to go, after all. As far as users remembering the name and communications go, however, shorter proves better, especially on Twitter where the character count is restricted to 140 characters per message. Cutting out any number of characters can be beneficial, which is why NHL team the Boston Bruins opted for @NHLBruins and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is @RealSMG.

You must also be able to be found, though, which means too short or non-descriptive may be counterproductive to your cause. If you have a common business name, or share one with a famous entity, it’s essential to find a way to distinguish yourself. One might argue that Oklahoma State Athletics’ @OSUAthletics isn’t the best choice in username. Ohio State University, after all, is also an OSU with a famous athletics department.

The perfect username for social networks does it all. It’s memorable, brandable, descriptive and, in the case of Twitter, takes up limited characters so users have plenty of space to express their thoughts. Since you also get a short bio on your page to let people know who you are and what you do, having a descriptive username is less important than having a memorable one. People may get to the Oklahoma State Athletics account looking for Ohio State, but once they get to the page, Oklahoma State is proudly listed.

Having the right name makes it easy for users to find you, an advantage your business needs on this increasingly digital playing field. Once you have the right name and you’re ready to launch a social media campaign with the help of skilled, dedicated professionals,  or contact us today to learn more on how to work with different Social Media Names.

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