Spice Up Boring Industry Content

Spicing Up Boring Industry ContentSpicing up boring industry content is the goal for clients and the focus of many freelance writing jobs online. Even the most boring topics can become interesting enough to be shared as curated content, if your creative talents are highly tuned and flexible enough to work magic with those boring topics.

As a freelance writer, you can gain status as an experienced expert, and you will benefit from the work demand that accompanies such a great reputation.

Easy Ways to Add Spice to Your Work

  • Write through the eyes of your audience – no matter what your feelings are about the product or service, the audience for those items loves those products and services. They are not bored by anything you present about those elements.
  • For long term campaigns, create a topic list to include in subsequent advertising. This keeps you organized, ready to work on each next phase and helps to keep your topics related.
  • Create cornerstone pieces of original content. Publish your creative information in industry reports, expert video interviews, an op-ed from an industry publication, or even a book. After creating the cornerstone piece, create more in-depth smaller chunks. Use a timeline for larger, longer projects to stay on topic.
  • Define and measure results to get a handle on how well your content is working. Measurement of results is essential proof that your creative content is worth paying for and gets results.

Use of Curated Content

  • Consult with experts to get new information to post on the website or to use as curated content. Incorporate curated content into the client website or your own website.
  • Condense and reuse information you have previously produced. Keep essential ingredients but strive for clarity and a faster read by viewers. Do not lose the creative spark that captured their interest in the first place.
  • Use Social Media as a way to get information and for distribution of content. You can connect with decision makers thorough LinkedIn and other social media groups.
  • Submit past articles to curated websites to gain links back to your main website and to spread your reputation as an authority on a topic. Create and use your own library of links to previously posted content to keep it alive and current.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online

As you gain a reputation for being able to produce sparking, spicy content for boring industries, freelance writing jobs online will find their way to your inbox. Working with Artisan Talent is a great way to not only break into this area of creative work, but to continue to find work without the hassles of trying to do everything yourself, like collecting payment.

Clients and talent both benefit from their use of our company to obtain top quality creative content. We have tons of information about copywriting, art design, website design, curated content and more for you. The more you learn, the better your work and client satisfaction will be; everyone benefits from our services. Contact us today to learn more.


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