Strategic Money Saving Tips for Freelancers

Money Saving Tips For Freelancers

Strategic Money Saving Tips for Freelancers

Freelancers and others who work at home should get and take self employment advice seriously if they want to be successful and save money. Much valuable advice has been learned by others the hard way, burned and learned. Those who have careers in freelance graphic design or other artistic endeavors can avoid many roadblocks and pitfalls of self employment by merely using the free advice offered by fellow talent.

Top of the List

There are many valuable tips for freelancers in the marketplace, but some always rise to the top of that long list. These include self employment advice that deals with staying solvent and cutting costs.

Here are some of the most important tips for Freelancers you will find:

Don’t quit your day job before you are well established as a freelancer. Everyone wants to go out on their own, to keep all the profits and run the business their way. In reality, this does not normally happen overnight. You need a comfortable financial base in order to get your company startup to be profitable and long-lasting. Growth is the most difficult time for many businesses, including freelancing. If not properly managed, you could find yourself out of business.

Maintain multiple income streams. Strive for Plan B at all times, in case you lose a big client. This is one of the biggest problems facing freelance graphic design talent and others. Never put all your business future in one basket, because clients can disappear as fast as they come to you. By maintaining multiple income streams, you have more than one place to fall back on in case unforeseen circumstances cause a main client to cut back or stop ordering from you.

Don’t overspend. You might be able to find top quality software online for free instead of purchasing the latest technology. The same goes for equipment; rent or buy used to save money. Try not to spend money before you earn it.
Reduce debt and keep spending to a minimum. Just because you are the owner, do not think you have carte blanche to run up debts or buy expensive equipment. Reduce or eliminate personal debt before you start your business and never think you can buy things just because they might be a deductible business expense.

Back up your work. Do this on a regular basis, just in case disaster happens. You can replace a computer, but if your work is on the broken equipment, it could be lost forever. Backing up your work only takes a few moments, do it religiously.
Keep records diligently. You must keep accurate and current records for tax purposes and your own use. Never let this little task slide and turn into a mountain of a job.

The Rest of the List

There are many other aspects of running a successful business that apply to those working in a freelance graphic design career. Most deal either with money or finding more work, like having an emergency fund and networking with others.

You can do both by working with our company, Artisan Talent. We work exclusively with digital creative talent and clients who need your work and are willing to pay for your talent. Use our experience to further your own self employment quest; we are always ready to talk with you about tips for freelancers. Contact us today to learn more, and to move forward in your career.

Linda E is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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