The Beauty of Simplicity: How Keeping Your Website Design Clean Could Do Wonders for Business

What is Clean Design?

How Keeping Your Website Design Clean Could Do Wonders for Business Designing with simplicity can bring beauty and efficiency to a business. Designing in a clean style is a challenge pursued by artists, architects and engineers universally. A clean design is elegant, utilitarian and functional. It can lead to comprehensibility and fluidity that can fuel a highly efficient and useable business function. Designing with clarity requires understanding, vision and skill. It’s both challenging and worth it.

You can get the best results when focusing on your goals. Whenever you get tired or lose touch with what you’re striving for, revisiting user goals can give you needed inspiration. If you need help with website design it’s easy to use creative staffing techniques in order to find mobile developers with just about any skill set.

Simple Web Designs Work Better

Ben Hunt believes that clean web design benefits designers, clients and users. Web design that strives for simplicity will lead to production sites that load faster, have excellent responsiveness, are scannable and easily navigable.

From a commercial perspective such websites are quicker to design and implement, easy to re-design, require less server space and bandwidth are more maintainable and are easy to port to different platforms and browsers.

Occam’s Razor Drives Clarity

Occam’s Razor states that given any two solutions to the same problem, the simpler solution will be the best. It’s clear through numerous examples that this applies to web design.

With Occam’s Razor as a guideline you will uncover the most elegant and direct design solutions.

  • Simple designs are more likely to work for your users than those which are complicated.
  • Simple messages are easier to understand than a complicated ones.
  • Interactions with few instructions are more effective.
  • Clear, uncluttered design leads to greater usability
  • In many cases, pursuing simplicity in design can lead to competitive advantage.

Minimalism for Clarity

Minimalism is a design style found in art, web design and architecture. One goal of this style is to highlight simplicity, while removing unnecessary elements. Constraining the elements in a composition of art or software can result in strong and utilitarian design as well as the beauty born of simplicity. Here are some examples: 40 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Web Design.

Examples of Clean Design

Three of the most popular and successful sites today are, and According to, Airbnb is valued at $2.5 billion and is a relatively new business dealing in short term accommodation hosted by individuals – not hotels. Airbnb’s homepage is breathtaking, not because of any fancy footwork, but because of the magnificent photography. You can find the most elegant or simple place to stay on most continents, just by entering a location and clicking on search. The entire application is simple, elegant and effective. In March, Fast Company added Airbnb to their list of the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.

Craigslist considers itself a community organization is now located in 50 countries worldwide. Its goal is as community support. Craigslist is a platform offering classified advertisements for people trying to sell goods and services or to buy them. Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 and in 2000 it started expanding outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Craigslist interface is very plain and self-explanatory. Categories can be added by users. This site is used by millions of people and many rely on it for business. Its beauty and strength are its simplicity and usefulness.


Google is likely to be among the most popular web sites anywhere, yet its clean design home page is a single text entry area.

When website developers implement their projects with clean design beauty will be just one part of exceptional functionality.

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