The coming social media video marketing transformation

Social Media Video Marketing

If you’re not already convinced that creating and posting video content on social media has the power to establish brand and transform a company’s performance, then you haven’t been paying attention. Either that, or maybe you just haven’t heard some of the most compelling statistics to back up that assessment. Here’s a quick, compelling read that will prove running a social media marketing campaign without video is the same as trying to win a race while only driving in first gear.

  • One minute of video has the equivalent reach of 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research. Considering the majority of business owners rarely have time to compose a single 500-word blog post, hitting that level of visibility with mere words on a website would be impossible. Even international corporations with the budget to hire an entire staff of fulltime writers would be hard pressed to hit the 1.8 million word mark in the time it would take them to produce a one-minute marketing video. Using social media to enhance the visibility of online video makes it an even more worthy endeavor.
  • People spend one third of their time online watching videos. Considering all of the other activity people engage in online – including playing games and chatting with friends on Facebook – that’s an enormous share of activity. This number is expected to grow exponentially with the proliferation of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones that are becoming increasingly capable of streaming video at rapid speed and high definition – not to mention social media apps that make video easier to watch.
  • Videos have the potential to increase consumers’ understanding of the services you offer or the products you sell by 74 percent. Essentially, what this means is that attempting an online marketing campaign without social media video marketing forces a company to work much harder at achieving brand visibility and overall consumer awareness. Even a single video posted to a professional social media page can affect significant change.
  • 75 percent of video watchers visit a company’s website after watching their promotional video. For those not convinced that posting videos onto heavily trafficked social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can make a difference, this fact alone should be enough of a mind-changer. Sharing videos on social media channels can drive significantly higher website traffic than mere links.
  • Micro video apps driven by the likes of Vine and Instagram Video are upping the stakes for the continued convergence of social media and video marketing. As other social media platforms begin to reap the rewards of higher patronage through expanded video capabilities, expect to find more brands employing short-form video to tap into new consumer bases.

Social media sites are the ideal platforms for sharing videos and getting them seen by the greatest number of prospective customers. As sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to become increasingly video friendly and mobile, the pursuit of video creation for marketing purposes is fast becoming an imperative among brands seeking to achieve the highest possible levels of visibility. Contact us today to learn more about the inherent power of social media video marketing in this constantly evolving space.


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