The Future of Hover Effects in a Touchscreen World

The Future of Hover Effects in a Touchscreen WorldThe use of hover effects on websites is familiar to most people in web design careers. Hover has been a useful user interface (UI) tool that works when the mouse cursor pauses above an area the website owner wants to feature with highlighted information. However, now that the trend in computer use is leaning heavily in the direction of non-mouse devices, such as mobile units and touch devices, designers must think of alternatives.

Flexibility Allows Design Change

If you are a client looking to hire a web designer, it is important to find someone with the knowledge of alternatives to hover effects. While you may be fine using hover today, as your website evolves and user preferences change, it is predictable that many future users will not use devices that allow hover effects. In that case, your goals will not be met, and your visitor will miss out on important information. By using talent who keep their web design careers up-to-date with knowledge of the latest technology advances, you gain the flexibility to adjust your website design to accommodate visits from the increasing numbers of visitors who use non-mouse devices.

Survival in a Touch Screen World

On the creative side, web designers must also continually update their skills and knowledge base so they have flexibility to offer clients all the technology needed to keep their websites updated. There are a few basics to remember today:

  • You cannot count on visitors using internet devices that rely on a mouse pointer that activates hover.
  • Anticipate increasing growth in the use of touch screens and the need to design websites to accommodate this trend.
  • Website design should still allow the use of any navigation device, including a mouse pointer.
  • Some devices offer both touch and mouse/keyboard, but you will not know who is using what type at any particular time.
  • You need to remember you can no longer rely on a single design pattern to work on all devices. If you offer alternative navigation options, viewers need to understand which to select.
  • A click-based reveal element must be identifiable, so the viewer knows that action is possible.

The Future of Hover Effects

The bottom line is that, just like everything else about the Internet, you can no long rely on what used to be standard. As interaction styles and communication devices evolve, website designers must also continually gain education about the newest trends and ways to reach the public, no matter what devices they are using. In an ever-changing and touch-based world, using hover with a remote pointer may someday become obsolete, so be ready for change.

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