The Introvert’s Guide to Landing Work

The Introvert’s Guide to Landing Work

People who work in the field of creative staffing understand that many freelancers in this industry have introvert personalities. They prefer to work alone, so freelancing is an ideal career choice. Freelancers who specialize as mobile developers are quite in tune with the ever-changing world of web-based communication.

Landing work requires interaction with others

The introvert personality may avoid interaction with others, but this is an ability that is conducive to landing work. It is necessary to brush up on general communication skills, small talk and your face-to-face presentation in advance before you go to an in-person interview for work.

Interview preparation

1. Be honest and know your strengths. Show your true personality as you display your sample portfolio to the interviewer. Be proud of yourself and your work; don’t try to imitate anyone else.

2. Mention that you are intimidated by the interview process. This helps you gain a connection to the person who is interviewing you, and helps them understand if you appear to be nervous.

3. Talk about your professional abilities, your work, and how well you can attack jobs. As an introvert, you do possess a strong ability to focus on a job, work well with others as needed, and how well you access your inner creative self.

4. Apply for jobs that allow you to feel energized instead of drained. Find the type of work assignments where you know you could shine. Even though you are an introvert personality, you may excel at forming close relationships with others on a job assignment.

5. Prepare in advance. Practice your interview skills, answers to potential questions and do your research about the company you will interview with for work. Be prepared to let the interviewer know exactly how you and your talents can benefit that company. If you have your talking points down pat, you will feel more at ease and handle the interview questions well.

6. Pump up your web presence. Chances are high that an interviewer will look at your website and social media to discover the inner you. Make sure your website is finely tuned and looking great. Spread the word to your social medial networking contacts that you are seeking freelance jobs. Use popular websites like Linked In, Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. Feature your professional achievements, honors and types of work you do.

7. Work with a mentor or recruiter to do your practice in advance. They can critique your performance and offer insider tips for improving your face-to-fact communication with interviewers.

8. As an introvert, you understand your need for alone time, time to rejuvenate between meetings. Take a break as needed and review your progress to date to decide where you might improve your presentation.

9. Utilize proper etiquette in writing thank you notes to persons you have interviewed with and to clarify or restate any important points you wanted to make. It is proper procedure and a great way to keep you in the lineup for potential hiring.

10. When you have some down time, brush up on skills or learn something new that will help you become more valuable as a freelancer.

Getting the job is the main goal, no matter what your personality traits are. As an introvert, you can do best with preparation and knowledge when you sit down to talk with an interviewer. For online applications, let your website speak for you. Lessen the stress and enjoy getting the jobs. Contact us to learn more.

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