The Job Hunt Market Just Went Mobile

The future of job hunting is here, and you’re probably holding it in your hand right now. Or at least sitting within a few inches of it. You know that handy-dandy mobile device you’re always using to call your folks, text your friends, check your email and browse the web? It has now officially become one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal for finding work.


That’s not exactly news to the mobile developers of the world who have had a front row seat to the exponential growth of the app market, watching as it’s brought a wealth of connectivity tools that allow us to do everything – from watching movies to controlling our home security systems – with just a few taps of our smartphone screens. But for the rest of the world still lagging behind on their desktop computers or, worse yet, poring through newspaper listings in search of gainful employment like 20th century refugees, it’s a wake-up call they’d do well to heed.


On June 19, LinkedIn – undoubtedly the biggest social networking site in the world for business professionals – announced the release of their very first iPhone app, which enables users to search for jobs remotely and is capable of delivering push notifications to users anytime a listing is posted that matches that individual’s qualifications. Citing the fact that applicants who respond within the first day of a job’s posting are ten percent more likely to be hired, LinkedIn’s foray into the world of mobile has effectively upped the stakes for the universal job hunt and made it possible for applicants to submit their applications almost instantaneously.


Although quite possibly the most high profile job search app around, LinkedIn Job Search isn’t the only game in town. There are a plethora of other mobile job hunting apps, including JobCompass, which uses a mobile device’s GPS to notify users of nearby work opportunities. Glassdoor is another app that aggregates user-submitted information to provide job seekers with an insider’s perspective of what they can expect by working at a certain company – including everything from company culture to salary scales.


The good news for application developers and web designers is twofold. Not only will they and millions of other job seekers be given access to a rapidly growing number of mobile apps to assist them in their efforts at finding work – but as the very individuals who will be tasked with helping companies design mobile apps and interfaces to make this happen, they can also expect to find an increasing number of employment opportunities.


Whether you’re looking for a freelance web designer job or are interested in exploring the new opportunities inherent in a variety of web design careers, getting connected via your mobile device could mean the difference between staying where you are and discovering far more profitable prospects. Get started today by visiting Artisan Talent from your mobile device or from your desktop computer. For more information on finding work through Artisan’s online job board, contact us today.

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