The Top Video Marketing Trends of 2013

Video Marketing Trends

The Top Video Marketing Trends of 2013

Recent video marketing trends indicate there will be a continuing demand for creative web video production for years to come. The time is right for freelancers pursuing videographer careers to take advantage of many excellent creative opportunities available. Getting started is actually not much of a problem, because inexpensive videos can readily be produced.



Marketing trends for web video production

Here is a list of the top video marketing trends that developed in 2013:

  • Video presence online is on the increase
  • Shorter is better
  • Demand for customized video is growing
  • Mobile marketing is exploding in popularity
  • Content marketing, including video content, deserves more investment

That is just the short list; there are numerous other trends that branch off from these, such as including audio with your video, or using clicks rather than views as a way to measure video effectiveness.

What’s hot?

Let’s take a quick look at each of the above points:

#1 – Online presence – This is the best news for freelancers and others in videographer careers because almost every business needs an online presence. You don’t have to look far to notice more and more video clips appearing on website landing pages. There are many reasons for this, including Google ranking schemes and the fact that videos gain quick attention. A picture is worth 1,000 words; video multiplies that effect.

#2 – Short and sweet – Keep online video clips short, sweet and meaningful. Attention spans are short, and viewers want information that is fast and entertaining. Use video clips that are 60 to 90 seconds long. It will test your creative production ability to draw attention while highlighting the important information content.

#3 – Demand for video – Video marketing is competitive with traditional forms of marketing, and it is a low cost way to reach a global market. Demand for web video clips is expected to continue to grow. Remember, the main advantage of video is to show motion while telling a story.

#4 – Mobile marketing – With the growing use of mobile communications devices, mobile marketing will also increase. This means you need knowledge of mobile-friendly formats. Use shorter blogs in combination with short videos. Include links back to the website for content that is to be shared. Businesses and videographers who get into mobile marketing now will experience faster results than those who wait and see.

#5 – Content marketing budget increases – Businesses that use mobile marketing and online video clips to draw attention and increase sales need to devote a larger portion of their budgets to content marketing. Video production costs more than straight text copywriting. Advertising for videos could be part of this budget; viral video visibility can be purchased. All this activity also means more jobs for freelance video production talent.

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