Tips on Social Media Marketing Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been a resource for the professional looking to find a job, but when it launched company pages in 2010, it entered the realm of social media marketing as well. Now that it’s redesigning company pages to make them easier to use, it’s a fine time to get started.

These tips will help your company maximize its LinkedIn page as part of an overall social media marketing strategy.

Tips on Social Media Marketing Through LinkedInBeef up the Profile 

One of the mistakes many job seekers make is not completing their LinkedIn profiles, and businesses may make the same mistake. Your profile needs to be as complete as possible. Maximize your use of the Products and Services tab, which allows you to display your contact information, an image, a description, a URL, and even a video. The more information found on your profile, the more appealing you will be to potential customers.

Once you have your general products or services page, create targeted pages. LinkedIn will display the appropriate page to your profile visitors based on what their current professional positions are. This targeted marketing will make your product or service look more appealing to those who visit your page.

Update Your Status

You would not create a Facebook fan page and then leave it sitting idle, yet many companies fail to update their LinkedIn statuses. A proper social media campaign needs to be an active one.

When you post status updates, your followers can comment, and this will encourage their followers to visit your page. Make your status updates interesting enough to garner comments. If you have an announcement, such as a new product launch, you absolutely need to post a status about it. Aim to update your LinkedIn status at least once per day.

Be Curious

LinkedIn allows its users to post questions. This is an excellent way to encourage interaction with your page while gaining valuable insight into what your customers want from you. Not only should you ask questions, but you should also answer some that are targeted to your general audience. Providing helpful answers will gain you new followers and help brand you as an expert in the field.

Study Page Analytics

LinkedIn provides something that other social media platforms do not, and that is the ability to see your profile’s analytics. You can use these analytics to optimize your marketing efforts. See where your visitors are coming from, and capitalize on those markets when you post something new to LinkedIn.

When creating a social media marketing strategy, the more tools you use, the greater your success will be. Adding LinkedIn to your marketing tool chest will help you brand yourself as an expert in your field, but only if you do it right. These tips will help you to create a successful marketing strategy using LinkedIn.


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