Tips to Find (and Keep) Work as an Art Director

Tips to Find and Keep Work as an Art DirectorFinding work as a creative art director might be easier than you think. It’s not so much about hard work as calculated effort. Here’s what we mean:

Find The Right Assignments and Adapt to Their Needs

This is the first step to finding and keeping work in art directing or, really, any sort of creative staffing position: apply to the jobs you want, not the ones you don’t. You want to apply to a lot of jobs, you want to acknowledge that you’re only going to land a minority of them, but you want to gear your portfolio around the job that you’re applying for.

Risk Not Getting the Job

Nothing’s lamer than a safe, uncontroversial resume and portfolio. Nothing gets dismissed more quickly than a proposal that sounds just like the last twelve. Don’t try to tone it down for the people you’re applying to, try to exceed in the direction that they might want you to. If they want you to tone it down, they’ll tell you later, and if your bold ideas lose you the job, then you didn’t want that job anyways.

Never Stop Exceeding

Getting the job is the easy part. Keeping the job means making yourself a lynchpin, a cornerstone of the company or the project, and that means that you have to keep trying to top your last big idea, your last big success.

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