Make Yourself More Hirable than the Next Person

Make yourself More Hirable

people 2 Getting the creative job of your dreams isn’t easy, whether you’re a freelancer or you want to work for a top organization. There’s a lot of competition and you don’t always enjoy the opportunity to showcase your cool and original talents until after you’ve made it through the less creative aspects of getting noticed by potential employers.

But creativity is what you do best, no? The best self employment advice you’ll ever receive is to play to your strengths. These tips will help you make yourself more employable by doing just that.

1) Paint a Picture of Specific Talents and Skills

There are several high-demand skills and talents employers are looking for in 2013 in candidates such as software developers and marketing specialists, as Forbes recently reported. You need to show them that you have these skills, whether you’re a market research analyst or network architect.

Use your words to paint a picture of your talents as a critical thinker, problem solver, good decision maker, and active listener. Write your cover letter, read it out loud, and rewrite it. Once you reach the interview process, you can shore up those conclusions by putting those skills to work for you and allowing them to see these talents in action.

2) Get Social

Social media is useful job search tool from both the employer and freelance job seeker’s perspective. Many businesses are doing their homework about potential candidates before the interview process by visiting their social media pages. The caveat is that social media can either work for you — or against you – according to the actions you take. Keep things professional and always ask, before you post, if this could help or hinder your employment goals.

Be true to yourself. Specifically, be true to your best possible self.

At a minimum, develop a basic social media presence. Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry and actively contribute information that establishes you as an authority in your industry. It matters to employers and can have a positive impact on your potential.

3) Expand Your Horizons

Don’t be afraid to try new positions that may be adjacent to your experience even if they aren’t an exact fit. Employers love to see employees that are willing to try new things, especially if you have knowledge that is relevant to the new tasks at hand and explain how you’ll apply it in an intriguing way.

Expand your knowledge and skill base. Getting new education and training is an excellent way to not only show employers that you are committed to your field and your craft, but also demonstrate your usefulness to the company, says John Baldoni , an executive coach and leadership educator.

4) Volunteer

Volunteering allows you many opportunities to advance in almost any field. There are plenty of opportunities to put your skills and talent to work for the good of the community or specific charitable organizations. While it won’t pay your bills today, it does allow you to work with people who will often need your skills and talents. More importantly, it allows others to see just how talented (and how much of a “team player,” in a real, human sense) you truly are.

Whether you’re just starting your career in the freelance graphic design field or you’re looking for self employment advice to help you land your ideal gig you need to succeed, these tips are sure to make you more hirable to hiring managers everywhere.

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Elizabeth M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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