Does Your Business Need a Traffic Coordinator?

Business Traffic Coordinator |Project ManagerWhat is a Traffic Coordinator?

When you think of a Traffic Coordinator, you might envision a police officer in the middle of downtown traffic, blowing a whistle and waving his arms. But Traffic Coordinators in the business world have a much more difficult, and possibly dangerous job: keeping your business projects running smoothly.

Traffic Coordinators are project managers on steroids. They’re the ones that coordinate project managers for the variety of projects that go on in your business everyday. They’re the “train the trainers” of the project management world.

Traffic Coordinators evolved via advertising agencies, creating a hub where the various departments came together to coordinate the overall end result. In this world, each department, whether it’s creative or PR, work on multiple client projects simultaneously. Establishing the flow of these projects helps control the push and pull of resources across multiple departments. Too, a Traffic Coordinator often has the final say on these projects, which could help eliminate some of the stress from simultaneous multiple deadlines.

Like the dispatcher at a fire station, skilled Traffic Coordinators put water where the fire is; keeping your business running smoothly.

Could your business use a Traffic Coordinator?

In small business, the President or Chief Operating Officer sometimes acts as a Traffic Coordinator. Sometimes that works well, but other times the CEO is busy with other tasks which might affect business efficiency when she or he is pulled in too many different directions.

Ask yourself if your business could benefit from someone accomplishing the following:

  • Track and facilitate communication between departments
  • Adjust project scheduling to accommodate conflicting deadlines
  • Make strategic decisions related to client ROI
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your business
  • Increase the volume of completed projects

Traffic coordinators are hyper-organized. It’s what you pay them for.  They have strong written and verbal communication skills. They are expert at workflow management and deal well with the sometimes-conflicting pressures of a job that’s made up entirely of multi-tasking. As the hub of a business, the Traffic Coordinator needs a strong ability to recognize and attend to priorities.

Need to Hire a Traffic Coordinator?

Artisan Talent can help you discover if a Traffic Coordinator role might be right for your business. We’re a creative talent agency offering professional resources for business. We can help you staff the employee that best fits your culture and unique business model. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!

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