Trendy Interview Styles

New Interview Styles and Trends for 2015

4 Interview Styles

Already included in the hiring arsenals of many corporate offices, the top four types of interview styles that are trending for 2015 are gaining favor with small to mid-sized companies seeking greater flexibility, decreased costs, and better hiring decisions. Here are four trendy types to try for hiring your next candidate:

Trend 1: Behavioral Interviews

Also known as competency interviews, behavioral interviews assume that future performance can be predicted by past behavior. Companies like Microsoft and Google consider this a viable method for making informed hiring decisions. You ask questions designed to elicit a story and anticipate answers describing how the candidate solved a problem or created a win. By tailoring the questions to the job description, you can determine how well the candidate might perform on the job.

Trend 2: Panel Interviews

Instead of a one-on-one meeting, the panel interview presents the candidate to a group of staff members. It’s an efficient method for a position that interacts with multiple departments. Because the panel members come to the table with different interests, their questions can produce a broader view of an individual’s capabilities. It also reduces the likelihood of redundant questions that might be asked if each interviewer met with the candidate alone.

Trend 3: Presentation Interviews

Candidates either prepare a presentation in advance or create one on the spot. In either situation, you can readily assess the individual’s confidence, organizational skills, and ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. Because the assigned presentation topic is likely to require abilities specific to the job, it gives you relevant information about the candidate’s suitability for the position.

Trend 4: Video Interviews

Video solves the problem of meeting with remotely located candidates while retaining the benefit of observing appearance, body language, and verbal skills. One-way interviews, in which candidates record their responses to pre-selected questions, work well for screening purposes. For more in-depth information, live video interviews provide benefits similar to those obtained during in-person meetings. Video reduces costs, helps avoid scheduling issues, and makes it possible for additional staff members to view the recording and provide input for the hiring decision.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your interviewing choices to just one style. Match the method to the position. Conduct one-way video screening to narrow the pool, and reserve panel and presentation interviewing for top-ranking candidates. Or mix and match the styles to fit each hiring situation. It’s your arsenal.

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