Twitterific Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Whether your business is just getting started or celebrating its 20th anniversary, Twitter can be a very powerful marketing tool. However, to get the most out of this platform, you must create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that leverages Twitter for maximum results. Below are some tips you can use to get started.

Twitterific Social Marketing Ideas 1. Know your brand.

Before you can create an effective Twitter campaign, you must determine your ultimate marketing goals. Identify your target market, decide what your brand will convey to the members of this market and clearly define the benefits you have to offer to consumers.

2. Identify social media marketing goals.

Ask yourself what you hope to achieve with your Twitter campaign. Examples of valid social media marketing objectives include:

  • Building a brand.
  • Linking to your blog or website.
  • Engaging online consumers.
  • Establishing an online presence.

3. Create a plan of strategy.

Develop a plan for meeting each of your objectives. For example, you may want to host Twitter parties, curate content, tweet on a regular basis and monitor certain keywords related to your business or industry.

4. Monitor your progress.

Using certain metrics, you can track your performance to make sure that you are on the right path. Examples of metrics include:

  • Number of direct messages you receive.
  • Response to key tweets.
  • Changes in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Number of retweets.
  • Klout score.

5. Update marketing plan regularly.

As your business continues to grow, your social media marketing needs will change. Review your needs and progress regularly, and make changes to your Twitter marketing strategies when necessary.

If your business is small or understaffed, taking on social media can be challenging. To learn more about social media for small business, or to hire some social media professionals to help your marketing efforts get off the ground, contact Artisan today.


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