Unlocking the Power of Infographics for Increased Traffic

Unlocking the Power of Infographics for Increased TrafficOn the internet, text is everywhere. In fact, plain text is so overwhelming on most websites that visitors often ignore it completely. Images can draw the attention of your visitors, but they can’t always convey your company’s messages on their own.

Infographics, on the other hand, combine the best aspects of both text and images. They use the appeal of images to draw in visitors and text to communicate important points. Here are some tips for using infographics to increase traffic on your website.

1. Design engaging infographics

The best infographics are both entertaining and informative. Make sure that any infographics you use on your website are well designed, colorful and able to hold the attention of the typical viewer. Designing a good infographic is an art, demanding fluency in color theory, information design, and more. If you don’t have an in-house employee capable of creating such graphics, consider hiring someone who specializes in freelance graphic design.

2. Make sure the information is compelling

An infographic can make relevant information more visually appealing, but it cannot make uninteresting information suddenly become worthwhile. When you create an infographic, make sure that you showcase information your audience wants and needs.

3. Use sparingly

Even the most appealing infographics can be overdone. If you use infographics all over your website, or if you use them for obvious information that doesn’t require additional explanation, viewers will become bored with them.

Not all infographics are created equal. The best present a rich and digestible amount of information in an eye-pleasing fashion. The rest… don’t. Some go overboard on garish illustration. Some try to cram in too much information. With so many infographics on the web, they have to be good to get any traction.

When utilized properly, infographics can bring in a great deal of new website traffic, as well as entice previous users to come back for more. If you need any additional information about infographics, or if you need help with creative staffing, feel free to contact Artisan for more assistance.


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