Video Marketing Tips: 30 Minutes or Less

Video Marketing Tips in 30 Minutes or LessOne of the key points to remember when designing a video marketing strategy for your company or a client is to keep it short. Video has always been a most effective way to show and tell a story, but the general rules for online use of video clips differ from those of traditional video production.

With so many companies adding video clips to their websites as part of their overall marketing campaign, freelancers in film editor jobs should remember that online video does not need to be lengthy for maximum effect.

Video Marketing Tips: Keep It Short and Effective

Make your point dynamically through use of your visual story. Bear in mind that online viewers tend to want to find information quickly. Rather than taking time to read an in-depth text story, they want to be able to scan for important points. Once they find that tiny bit of interest, they might take a little more time to read more on a subject.

The same applies to video clips. A 60 to 90 second clip is all you need, provided you have constructed it with care to:

  • grab attention
  • generate a view
  • make your point
  • include a call to action

Know What Works

Creating video clips to add to a company website can be done quickly and in a cost-efficient manner using simple equipment, including your cell phone video capability. No, it will not be broadcast quality, but chances are good that with HD recordings, the quality will be very acceptable for use online.

  1. Many companies are going to want to pump up their landing pages with a company or product overview. Use these clips to feature a company spokesperson as well as the general introduction to the company.
  2. Training video clips are another highly popular subject for video clips. Create a series for the more complex instructional videos. Using video clips to demonstrate how something should be done has a greater impact than just providing an employee with a text handout.
  3. Add authority to your video presentations by including short video clips you gather from conferences that feature public speakers. Be sure it is permissible to record the speaker; get a written release on the spot.
  4. Combine the video clip with some related text next to it for added interest and SEO. Include a link for sharing by viewers.
  5. Repost the video clip on a public website like YouTube, and include a link back to the company website.
  6. Featured video clips are ideal for short product reveals, reviews, demonstrations and press releases.
  7. Design your video marketing strategy to accommodate use on mobile devices for maximum reach.

With the emerging popularity of online video, there is a corresponding demand for experienced people to fill new film editor jobs. At Artisan Talent, we excel at matching clients with talent in all types of creative positions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop and benefit from the newest trends for creative marketing strategies.

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