Video marketing trends you should adopt today

The mushroom growth in popularity for online video platforms like Vine and YouTube have proven consumers are in love with video. Marketers are also deeply in love with it as a platform that can infuse their efforts with the kind of potent ZING that’s often difficult to achieve via traditional channels. With more mobile devices than ever now capable of accessing video from anywhere there’s a signal, video marketing has become an imperative. Here’s a closer look at some of the evolving trends everyone should jump on board with to take advantage of the explosive growth of video marketing.

Responsive Video Marketing

Today, platforms like Twitter and Facebook make it possible for people to follow trending stories through the simple use of a hashtag (this works more effectively on Twitter, but Facebook is doing what it can to catch up). Savvy video marketers have adapted rapid response techniques, taking advantage of trending news stories to create quick videos that capture enormous audiences and drive heavy website traffic. This isn’t easy, and requires a sensitive and creative approach to latching onto developing stories in a way that will bring visibility to your brand without appearing to attempt to ride on the coattails of an unrelated topic.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Although it may be tempting to create long form videos – and even difficult to create shorter form videos that cram lots of information into a small space of time – the popularity of platforms like Vine (where the average video length is six seconds) prove that brevity leads to a far greater number of views. Considering that the majority of mobile users are operating on limited bandwidth, it makes sense that marketing messages should be whittled down to a length conducive to being watched repeatedly and more easily shared across social media platforms. When working on video marketing, always shoot for delivering nuggets of information in small bursts. Make marketing messages short, sweet and to the point. This also displays a respect for people’s time, which they may repay by giving you their patronage.

Employing Animation for Optimal Reach

Finding a well-spoken and camera-ready spokesperson might be easy for industry giants, but everyday business owners and aspiring video marketers can often fall short in this category. Fortunately, there are a growing number of low cost and easy to use online animation creation tools that marketers can use to make their videos all the more eye catching. As the technology continues to improve, watch for more small companies to begin employing the use of these services to help them create marketing messages that offer a far more professional appearance than those relying on smartphone video cameras.

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