Still Making These Web Design Mistakes?

A joint study by research firms BIA/Kelsey and ConStat found that virtually all consumers turn to the internet to research businesses before making purchase or service decisions. Consumers expect to be able to find information about a company online, and a company website should be their best resource for this information.  Web designers should work on eliminating these all-too-frequent web design mistakes.

Websites are for Computers

“If they’re really interested, they’ll check it out when they get home.”  If you’ve ever heard yourself uttering this frightening phrase, you’re fighting against the undeniable mobile trend in website design, and it will drive a stake through the heart of your clients’ websites. In a May 2013 study, Pew Research Center found that 63% of adults use their cell phones to access the Internet, and 34% do most of their online browsing on a phone. That’s one-third of potential customers you leave out each time you fail to mobile-optimize a website.

Call Us for Reservations

For most businesses, a website’s main job is to be a source of information and consumers expect certain info from websites that designers fail to deliver. It’s often a matter of client preference, but as a designer, you want every site you work on to be a raging success. The best web design delivers on consumer expectations. So, helping clients understand why it’s in their best interest to have a website that allows customers to reserve online, instead of making consumers pick up a phone, is a good skill to develop.

The Right Words

Not trained in writing copy? The text on a page is an essential part of a website. To treat it as an afterthought is a mistake. If SEO and copywriting aren’t your forte, it’s a good idea to work with someone who can provide the right words for the website. Giving clients the full package will do wonders for your reputation as a designer.

The key to a long-lasting web design career is to know where your skills lie, and to never stop expanding them. Not sure if your skills are up to par? Looking for a new job to show off those skills? Contact us today!


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