What all successful content curators share in common

There are three kinds of content curators in the world: those who do it poorly, those who do okay at it, and those who blow everyone else out of the water with their awesomeness. Needless to say, you want to belong to the latter camp. But getting there’s no cakewalk. In order to gain the mojo necessary to become a content curation Jedi, you’ve got to develop the kinds of habits shared by those who do it best. Here’s a primer to achieving mastery in the art of curated content.

Stay in the Loop

Keeping current on news and trends in your industry is a no-brainer. The most successful content curators spend hours online seeking out the best content sources. Not only will this put you in a position to deliver timely content to your readers, but it’ll also give you an edge in spotting emerging trends that’ll put you at the forefront of information delivery. Keep a list of good sources and subscribe to them via RSS feed or Google alerts, but don’t get complacent about having the intel delivered to you. Always seek out new sources.

Give Your Skills a Workout

Curating content is like lifting weights. The more you do it, the stronger you become. Just don’t expect to rank as power lifter right out of the gate. You need to work at it every day. Set aside 30 minutes daily to scour the interwebs for content that your social media followers or blog subscribers will find compelling. Eventually, your curating muscles will grow.

Don’t Just Regurgitate

These days it’s easy to spit out content, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The fact is, with so much information already available, it’s entirely possible to bombard your followers with data they’ve already seen. To make it relevant and to make it resonate with your readers, put a unique spin on it and add your own perspective. This is what can help you make the difficult transition from being a mere hub of information to a genuine authority in the eyes of the online world.

Network Like Crazy

Marketing is all about networking and building relationships – but not always with your audience. The fact is, no matter how much you know about your industry, there’s always more to learn. Talking with other experts in your line of work – whether that’s in person, via email, message boards or discussion forums – lets you gain new insight and information. All the better to turn professionals into content curators.

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